KD Realtors is a real estate organization with extensive resources and ability to offer personalized professional services in india. Our professionalism is hallmarked by quality, innovation and effectiveness, while delivered with enthusiasm and determination. Empowered with the cutting edge knowledge of trade trends and practices, our deals have inculcated confidence and genuine satisfaction amongst the real estate buyers for the past few years India has emerged as the most favorable destination for International Corporate and Multi National Companies. Meeting the diversified need of the Industry, we have arranged Commercial / Industrial & IT Enabled Accommodations. These are available at strategic locations in Delhi and NCR. We holds an impressive track record of completing successful transactions. Varied Software Companies, Exporters, leading Indian Corporate & Top Multinational Companies have expressed their loyalty and trust in us. Real Estate in India is one of the most opaque, unstructured, and unfriendly asset class for both end users and investors. Be it information distortion or inappropriate practices by current market players, getting into property transactions is tough stressful play often ending in wrong or sub-optimal decisions. At KD Realtors, we are set to change it, in favor of and in partnership with our customers. We are putting the focus back on customers, rather than the property, and transform the way they research, progress to making best-fit property decisions and get support services throughout their ownership journey. Its financial arm, square capital brings further transparency, financial ownership and knowledge capital in mortgage decisions concerning the assets. We have developed a unique positioning in the market place, where its consultancy business is focused on working with the clients by taking a pro-active approach and adding value. With knowledge of the present trends, we help clients get the best possible deals by channel zing their investments in the right direction. We assist our clients who are seeking right platform that could give them insight into the sale and purchase of real estate.

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